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  • Momo: Ah... It's freezing outside! And what happened tonight made me feel equally cold inside...
  • Bobo: The police aren't picking up any leads. Looks like we are on our own again... Let me think...
  • Bobo: Star Sea, a star hair ornament and White Blossom... Could it really be Sofia? Strange, she doesn't look like that kind of person at all...
  • Momo: Yes, and also, Sofia knows the gesture used by Federal Army! I'd rather doubt that model...
  • Bobo: I agree, she even told that officer to interrogate us, so she must be up to something! But after Chairman Reid helped us, she jumped in and helped out, too. It doesn't add up...
  • Nikki: Well, looks like only Sofia can explain all these.
  • Kimi: Right. I'll have Joe Brownie contact the December Troupe when we return.
  • (The sudden sound of sirens is heard from a distant street. Trailing behind the sirens, a helicopter skirts low, deftly moving between the shadows of the buildings)
  • Bobo: What... what's going on? A helicopter?! And so many police cars... Do they find the thief?!
  • Momo: I don't think so, but this is usually how it plays out in movies...
  • Kimi: The helicopter seems to have set down somewhere near the side entrance of the Apple Apparel Group's building...
  • Nikki: Is the lady thief still trying to steal the group's costume? We have to stop her! Kimi, Bobo, Momo, let's check it out!
  • Momo: No matter how fast we run, we'll never be able to catch up to the police cars and helicopters!
  • Kimi: Follow me. Through this baseball field is the side entrance of the group's building. Change into baseball player's clothes to avoid suspicion.


There is no concluding dialogue.


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