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  • (The police quickly cordon off the dining hall and launch a search)
  • Officer: According to these testimonies, it's very clear: someone stole White Blossom while the power was down. It's such a short time that he must be here.
  • Hiber: Actually, Officer, I saw someone leaving by the safe passage after the power was back...
  • Officer: What!? You... Hiber?! Gosh, I'm a huge fan of you... And, ahem, quickly then, tell me what you saw!
  • Hiber: Well, when the power came back on, that pink-haired girl and her friends came out of the safety passage. Perhaps you should ask them?
  • Momo: Hey, stop that nonsense! It's you who told us the safe passage was open!
  • Nikki: Calm down, Momo. We are no thief, and Hiber didn't even mention Kimi. There is nothing to worry about...
  • Bobo: That's right! We have nothing to fear!
  • Officer: ...Oh, so you're the big hit at the auction, right? I have some questions. Could you please show me your credentials?
  • Momo: (Whisper)...Credentials?! Crap, we don't have any at all...
  • Nikki: Well, I...
  • Kimi: Sorry, we left our credentials in the hotel safe. If you need them, I'll ask someone to fetch it now.
  • Officer: I fully understand. Can you give us your name then? You know, we have to know who is talking after all...
  • Reid: ...I'm sorry that is impossible.
  • Officer: Chairman Reid, we got our rules. Identity first, testimony next.
  • Reid: What do you have to worry about when I'm here to vouch for their identities?
  • Officer: ...We still have to talk to this pink-haired girl. She knew much about the Group's treasures and left here right after White Blossom's disappearance...
  • Reid: Hahaha, so what you're saying, officer, is that you doubt the Mercury Group's makeup specialist?
  • Reid: Come on, Hiber, tell them the truth. You should be very clear why this dresser left the dining hall.
  • Hiber: (In surprise) Reid, what are you talking about...
  • Hiber: ...Fine! Actually, I was the one who asked them to go through the passage to fetch something for me... They broke my lipstick! They should pay, right?
  • Officer: Miss Hiber, what do you mean? This contradicts your earlier testimony!
  • Hiber: Who cares... They got an attitude problem. I just want to correct them.
  • Hiber: But... Since Reid is willing to help them, I'll give you another chance. Girl, show me your a professional makeup artist look.


There is no concluding dialogue.