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  • Bobo: (Whisper) Well... Lucky that milady knows the way, we made it back before they closed the safe passage...
  • Charles: Everyone, please calm down! The police will arrive soon. Please sit back and wait patiently in the dining hall!
  • The Lady: What are you talking about? You think we're all suspects?
  • Businessman: Chairman Charles, I request an advance inspection of the clothing I had purchased. I doubt the safety of other items considering the defective security system!
  • Charles: Settle down, everybody... I assure you, the exhibits are all safe and secure, please don't worry!
  • Reid: Ladies and gentlemen, I know you are anxious. I know that the suits and dresses you wear are equally valuable with the exhibits... But, that is why
  • Reid: We need to cooperate to get through tonight's crisis. The guards outside will ensure our safety before the police arrive. We don't want such a tragedy to happen again!
  • (Reid's speech soothed the crowd, but their discussions continued)
  • Momo: They said the police are on their way...If they launch a search, they'll find out the Lady is in disguise, for sure!
  • Bobo: Milady has the right to be here! ... Oh, no, Charles is here. She cannot expose! Ah, what to do!?
  • Nikki: The safe passage is closed off. It's not an option now...
  • Kimi: To leave the dining hall will only bring more suspicion, we gotta play it by ear. Nikki, didn't you just pick up a star accessory left by the thief? Do you have any clues?
  • Nikki: It does remind me of someone. No, this is insane...
  • Bobo: Who would that be, then? Come on, don't keep us in suspense!
  • Nikki: Bobo, Momo... do you remember when the last time we saw the thief?
  • Momo: Of course! It was at the December Troupe show!
  • Bobo: It was in the Cicia Grand Theater, where the lady thief stole the precious Star Sea Skirt!
  • Kimi: Nikki, do the two incidents have anything in common?
  • Nikki: Not a thing... it's a person. A person who was at the scene twice when the crime happened... But, how could it be her?
  • Kimi: ...You mean Sofia?
  • Momo: But the Star Sea Skirt was Sofia's from the very beginning! Why would she do this?...And...look, she just said hello to me! See, she's over there!
  • Kimi: This proves nothing. Nikki, what are you going to do?
  • Nikki: I think Sofia probably knows something... Bobo and Momo, let's go and ask her.
  • Sofia: ...
  • (Sofia notices them, and gestures to Nikki across the crowd)
  • Momo: What?! What does Sofia doing that...
  • Kimi: This... Orlando once taught me some common tactical gestures of the federal army, and she means 'message received, and let us stand by'...
  • Kimi: Sofia is a dancer, how come she knows that gesture?
  • (At this time, a wave of sirens blares outside and Sofia was out of sight in the crowd)
  • Bobo: The police are here!... Lady, what should we do?
  • Kimi: Don't be afraid, just change into a low-key dinner dress and mix into the crowd.


There is no concluding dialogue.


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