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Story: At the entrance of the banquet hall, Nikki run into two dressed up guests of the Cloud Empire! But these two people's dialogues, why do they sound so weird?


  • Cloud Traveler: Yuanbao, how have you been since we last parted?
  • Jia Yuanbao: Brother Bai! Brother Bai! What a surprise to see you here! Your family finally let you out?
  • Bai Yongxi: Fortunately, I didn't miss the White Cherry Banquet.
  • Jia Yuanbao: Oh? No one thought you would be able to come. There isn't an invitation prepared for you... Will you be able to get in?
  • Bai Yongxi: Yuanbao, take this. I just need to borrow one thing. I'll go in first.
  • Jia Yuanbao: What? A police badge?! What are you borrowing this time? Huh?! How did you get in?! Weird...never mind, I will ask him later.
  • Jia Yuanbao: Ah?! Where's my invitation? Bai Yongxi, stop! As a noble of the four great families [sic][1] and a friend, you cannot do this to me!
  • Momo: ...Who are these four great families of Cloud? They don't sound like a very reliable group...
  • Bobo: But he looks so pitiful... Nikki, Joe prepared quite a few spare invitation letters. Should we give him one?
  • Nikki: Even though he speaks strangely, he does not seem to be a bad person... Yes, let's give him one.
  • Nikki: Hello, we have an invitation letter. Could this be of any use to you...?
  • Jia Yuanbao: Ah! Angel! Goddess! Venus of the Sea! Diana of the Moon!
  • Bobo: What in the world is he saying...
  • Momo: I suddenly felt a pinch of regret... Maybe giving an invitation to him was wrong...
  • Jia Yuanbao: Hey, don't leave. You are all good people. Let me give you this police badge from Bai Yongxi! Many thanks~


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.


  1. Although the English translation looks similar to the Four Clans of Cloud, the original Chinese text used the word "云京四少", which means "the four young masters of Cloud Capital".