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  • Bobo: Although I had a busy day, I've seen so many people and heard so much good news.
  • Nikki: Me too! Although I'm a little exhausted, my mood is improved when I think about the news of Cloud City!
  • Momo: Yes, yes! I feel full of energy! Come on, let's go help Lady Kimi!
  • Bobo: Hold on, the hostess next door seems very familiar...Oh, it's Lisa! I feel like 'Intrigue and Love' is being staged.
  • Nikki: It really is her! Lisa has become a hostess... Let's go say hello!
  • Lisa: Greetings to you three, Nikki, Bobo, and Momo.
  • Bobo: Long time no see Ms. Lisa! Your maid costume is quite lovely.
  • Lisa: Haha, would you like to compete with sweet maidservant costume? You know, you never know what's the next theme!
  • Nikki: Well... Okay, let me try!


There is no concluding dialogue.