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  • Nikki: Thank you for waiting. Here's the set meal No. 3 you ordered.
  • Bobo: Mixed fruit and vegetable platter. Enjoy!
  • Momo: (Can barely reach the table) Your panda fruit juice!... Why is there only a glass of juice? Is this everything?
  • Timi: Oh, I would like to sit here for a while and plan next month's interview. Hey, Momo? We meet again!
  • Nikki: Timi! I'm so pleased to see you again~
  • Bobo: Let me guess. Why did Timi come to the Apple Federation? Is it because the seniors are here for work?
  • Timi: No, I am now a columnist for Magic Star. My senior is still working in Lilith. We meet in Wheat Field every weekend.
  • Bobo: Wow! Magic Star! Amphithea's most popular young girl magazine! Nikki, challenge Timi with a pure and cute school uniform!


There is no concluding dialogue.