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  • Waiter: Good deal! Good deal! Half price 50 Star Coin combos! Shrimp or beef, rice or noodles, you pick!
  • Momo: Ah!!! We haven't eaten since we arrived in the Apple Federation... Let's have a look over there! Just for a moment~
  • Nikki: Wow! Such festive decoration and so many cloud guests! Is it because of the spring festival?
  • Waiter: Haha! Not just this...never mind, I am not allowed to say. So what do you want to eat?
  • Lu Yinian: It's okay, please take care of the other customers. These people are my friends. I'm treating them.
  • Nikki: Landlady Lu! You opened an inn in Apple as well! It is very busy, you are so successful!
  • Lu Yinian: Ha! Ha! It's busy because of the New Year! Also~ Look at you. You must not have heard the recover of Cloud City!
  • Momo: What!!! Cloud City Reclaimed!!!
  • Nikki: Is this real?! So... That's why everyone is celebrating...
  • Lu Yinian: Of course it's real! A few days ago, Zhong Lizi led troops and took Cloud City. League Till was driven out of Cloud!
  • Lu Yinian: The Spring Festival is the most important festival in the Cloud. It's the biggest blessing for a family to reunite now.
  • Momo: ...Weeping... That's great, Nikki...
  • Bobo: Momo don't cry! Cloud City was reclaimed. That's good news!...
  • Nikki: Indeed, this is no time for tears... Landlady Lu, let us help you! We have a lot to do to celebrate the victory and festival!
  • Lu Yinian: Hey, young lady! Before you help us out, put on a Cloud festival costume, and a smile!


There is no concluding dialogue.