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  • Bobo: Wow, is this art gallery the right one? These paintings are so odd... and paintings aren't usually displayed outdoors, right?
  • Nikki: The art gallery is closed. Could it be the kidnappers... Be careful, Kimi. Let's go over and check it out!
  • Joe: Nikki? --Lady Kimi!
  • Joe: My lady, it really is you...
  • Nikki: Joe!!!
  • Kimi: Joe... It seems that they have not yet found your art gallery. It is a real pleasure to be able to meet you here.
  • Joe: My lady, so far this place is pretty safe. However, we still need to be cautious, so let's go inside to talk.
  • (Gallery office)
  • Kimi: Tell me everything. Father didn't want me to get involved yet, but we need every clue we can get to find our enemy.
  • Joe: Yes, my lady! Our allies in Parliament changed sides suddenly. Chairman went to see the President, then misfortune befell you!
  • Joe: Lucky that I had an appointed with a model that day. It's too dangerous out there. I can only send others to investigate.
  • Joe: The Groups assets have changed ownership in a few days... Charles is not so good, someone must be helping him.
  • Joe: Might be the five Financial Groups at Brick Street, like Mercury, sponsors of White Blossom Banquet... That sly banker, Reid!
  • Kimi: Reid... Mercury Group and our group never interfere with each other. He would never do this.
  • Joe: My lady, family interests will always come first for the Mercury Group. The White Blossom Banquet may be a trap for you.
  • (On the other side of the office.)
  • Bobo: Eh, what are they talking about... Ugh, forget it. Hey Momo, doesn't this painting look like grilled fish?
  • Momo: Grilled fish! Joe certainly has an eye for things. I think that's what real art is!
  • Bobo: Hahaha! You are such an interesting cat! Nikki, we should dress up in cute animal costume to accompany Momo.


There is no concluding dialogue.