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  • Momo: We have safely reached Welton! Lady Kimi was right! The most dangerous place may also be the safest one.
  • Bobo: Momo, keep your voice down. What if someone hears you!
  • Kimi: Don't be so nervous. The Apple Federation's security is tightest at the border, once through we can relax.
  • Nikki: That was true. Kimi, where shall we go now?
  • Newspaper Vendor: First visit to Welton, ladies? Buy an exhibition manual! Scenic spots, must-go, everything! 50 Star Coins only!
  • Momo: ...Sir, we are very busy. Please go ask someone else.
  • Newspaper Vendor: Wait! Auction banquet by Reid and Charles! The priceless treasure White Blossom of Apple Apparel Group will be displayed!
  • Newspaper Vendor: Haha, interested? Now you want the manual! Let's say, 48 Star Coins!
  • Kimi: (Low voices) What... White Blossom...
  • Cloud Traveler: Don't talk nonsense. The White Blossom hasn't been seen by the public since the Chairman's wife died, twelve years ago.
  • Bobo: Hey, Cloud handsome, why do you know so much about Apple?... He left? So different from other handsomes...
  • Passerby Girl: White Blossom?! Wow... You mean the treasure designed by Chairman Schiller for his wife?! How did it suddenly appear?
  • Newspaper Vendor: Oh, then you must buy this magazine! Look here! Exclusive Report: CFO Overthrows AAG? Old Head Vanished!
  • Bobo: Are you joking? Sir, perhaps you shouldn't spread rumors.
  • Nikki: Bobo, don't mind him. Let's go...
  • Kimi: It doesn't matter. Outside is City Square, Welton's hub of activity. Dress in Apple daily attire, and try to blend in.


There is no concluding dialogue.


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