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Story: After Orlando left, Nikki asked Kimi to accompany her to again practice the theme she just designed. She didn't want to personally again see her friends in danger while powerless to stop it...


Part 1:[]

  • Kimi: ... Ok, I'll stay in Cloud. Orlando, they have chosen the war, will you go back?
  • Orlando: I'm sorry but I have to. A soldier must obey orders. I put my trust in our President. If he made this decision, it must be for the good of the Apple Federation.
  • Kimi: ...If they find out that you were the one that rescued me, you will quickly become the common enemy of both the army and the government!
  • Nikki: The army's and the government's enemy?! What does that mean... Are Kimi's kidnappers related to the Apple Federation government?
  • Orlando: (Sigh) Chairman Schiller always invested in efforts to avoid the war. His accident actually is not surprising.
  • Bobo: This is too much... A government should protect its people, not risk their lives for personal gain... this is madness!
  • Orlando: I completely agree with you. But no goal can be achieved without cost... I don't know what's completely correct, but I will not forget to ask myself.
  • Nikki: If that's so, then you would hate to see a war break out, right? There's no going back, Orlando. Not after your attack on Cloud Empire with League Tyr.
  • (Orlando kept silent for a moment. He put a hand on his heart, as if about to take an oath.)
  • Orlando: Everyone has his own faith. You value friends, I choose my motherland. Fate has pushed us to opposite positions, but I still hope we can respect each other.
  • Nikki: ...But you might put yourself in danger! ... If they come to find out that you were the one that saved Kimi, or after the war starts, something bad happens to you on the battlefield...
  • Kimi: Just let him go. This is Orlando's own choice. We should not interfere with his decisions...
  • Nikki: No, we should! ... Whether it is being revealed he has saved Kimi or his going to war, he will be put at great risk!
  • Nikki: Orlando, you choose to fight for your motherland, and I choose to fight for my friends. Let's decide this now, and if I win you will stay. Agreed?
  • Kimi: Nikki! Orlando is by far a lot stronger than you. You cannot win against him!
  • Nikki: (Solemnly walking to face Orlando) I know... But, even if there is only a slight chance, we cannot lose hope...
  • (Orlando looks at Nikki, while speechless but expressing approval.)
  • Orlando: How could I refuse a serious invitation from a lady... I accept. The theme for this competition is nobility cocktail party dress . Best of luck!

At this point in the game, the player will lose to Orlando in the resulting styling battle.

Part 2:[]

  • Bobo: And this is a soldier's true strength? Nikki, we cannot possibly defeat him...
  • Orlando: You truly have the gift when it comes to styling, Nikki, but study and experience count for much more. Only by broadening your horizon will you truly advance.
  • Nikki: Thank you. I know to protect my friends, there is much more I should learn.
  • Orlando: Remember, truth always comes with calmness. Do not place too much trust in subjective judgments. Seeing is not always believing.
  • Orlando: Farewell, friends. Meeting you all was an honor to me.
  • (Orlando takes the umbrella, opens the door to the small wooden shack, and walks into the darkness of the forest.)
  • Nikki: Orlando...
  • Kimi: ...
  • (Orlando was deaf to the calls of the young girls. Wearing only the glory of a soldier and the loyalty to his country, he left, without looking back.)
  • (The midnight wind resonated above the ground amid the forest. They stood in front of the small cabin's door, silently seeing off the soldier.)
  • Kimi: ... You should put your trust in Orlando. You told us to have hope... You should not look so depressed like this.
  • Nikki: Ok... Kimi, can you help me practice the last nobility cocktail party dress style? I don't want such a thing to happen again!
  • Kimi: Sure!


There is no concluding dialogue.