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  • (Lor River military camp)
  • Huo Qizhou: Lunar's friends, you came back! Come, come, please take a seat...
  • Momo: You villain! It was your fault! What happened to Lunar is all your fault!
  • Bobo: Momo...
  • Nikki: General Huo, in order to protect Cloud City, Lunar accepted Nidhogg's challenge. But Nidhogg used a weapon during the duel... Lunar, she sacrificed herself for Cloud City...
  • Bobo: After the duel, the northern army quickly attacked and captured Cloud City. We came back to Lor River City just to want you to know it.
  • Huo Qizhou: ... Is it real? Nidhogg dared to use brutal force! How is that even possible!?
  • Bobo: But it is true! We saw Nidhogg took her life with our own eyes but we could do nothing. You hide away in a safe place and still dare to doubt her sacrifice now?
  • Nikki: General Huo, Cloud City fell half a day ago. Cities in Cloud will soon be facing these dangers too.
  • Nikki: We have brought back the message with us hoping you would be well prepared to meet the enemy. Do not let the tragedy happen another time.
  • Huo Qizhou: What are you saying? Half a day ago? Cloud City is a day's distance from Luochuan City. How did you make it so fast?
  • Nikki: The designer from Iron Rose rescued us...
  • Huo Qizhou: Iron Rose Stylist Legion! Ah! With the support of the Pigeon Kingdom, the Cloud Empire can certainly take back Cloud City and the final victory!
  • Huo Qizhou: Hurry! Hurry up and invite them in. I have to thank them myself!
  • Nikki: Well... They stationed outside the city and didn't come with us. You don't have to bother...
  • Huo Qizhou: What? The Iron Rose helped you bring back the message. They are Lor River City's true benefactor! My friends, can you invite them to my camp? We'll feast tonight!
  • Momo: The general insists on meeting Iron Rose. There must be something fishy! Nikki, make an excuse to refuse him...
  • Nikki: Eh... Ah!... In fact, Iron Rose Airship has broken down. They are outside the city trying to repair it!... Yes... The airships' engine is down. It will take a few days to fix it.
  • Bobo: That's right, we were even trying to help them! Nikki, change back into mechanic uniform just then and let General Huo see, quickly!


  • Bobo: The Iron Rose can't come. Can we leave now...
  • Huo Qizhou: Please stay! You brought back precious intel first time from the frontline. You are our honored guests too. It's unsafe in the city. Let me accomodate you.
  • Momo: We don't need your help!
  • Huo Qizhou: I'm really sorry for the loss of Lunar. But it's quite late already, please accept my little favor.