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  • Bobo: There are so many people out on the streets. Lor River City gets more crowded.
  • Nikki: The entire countryside was razed to the ground, and the villagers are seeking refuge in the city. The Cloud Empire's camp is near the train station, let's hurry.
  • (Lor River City Train Station)
  • Momo: Ah! Who bumped into me? Ouch! It hurts...
  • Neva: The train station is crowded. Be careful.
  • Bobo: Neva! You have also come to Lor River City? Did Lilith reinforce Cloud Empire like the Pigeon Kingdom?
  • Neva: No. Our master had doubts between the Queen's disappearance and Nidhogg, so I was dispatched to the Cloud Empire to investigate.
  • Bobo: What in the world does Nidhogg want to do? First it was the Lilith Kingdom, then came the Cloud Empire. Is he just trying to start a war?
  • Neva: The mission I received is to find out his real motive. Nikki, help me match low-key special agent costume. This is highly confidential, tell no one.
  • Nikki: Of course!


There is no concluding dialogue.