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  • Momo: Weird. The Iron Rose Legion is a group of elites. Why did Nikki win so easily this time?
  • Debbie: Ahhhh! I turned to a wrong page! It doesn't count this time! Wait a minute!
  • Mela: Hmm, this bookworm never failed to shame us.
  • Ransa: With that being said, you lost to her quite a few times.
  • Mela: You don't have to remind me of that. You are the same.
  • Ransa: Debbie counts on her book too much, so she is the most unstable one. She ranked No.10 in Iron Rose, but it doesn't mean she's the weakest.
  • Debbie: Ah, it's definitely this page! ...Nikki, let's compete again! This time the theme is the Pigeon scholar. I'll defeat you with a textbook style!
  • Bobo: What is the textbook style? Why am I suddenly expecting it!?


  • Nikki: Debbie, you are a truly strong stylist!
  • Ransa: Debbie's performance are not always consistent, but her abilities are unquestionable.
  • Nikki: Anyway, thank you so much this time.
  • Mela: No need to thank us. You get Queen's help, so we will eventually demand payment. Until next time, my dear!