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  • Cali: Actually, the Amphithea Newspaper has already reported on the royalty's statement. The North capital Black Water City called on an international force to fight League Tyr.
  • Cali: League Tyr argued that the Cloud Empire refused to return the northern people's treasures. It's the breakdown of negotiation that led to the usage of brutal force.
  • Bobo: What is the treasure? Is the snowland where Yunikina and the Icewind Warchant were buried located in the northern Cloud Empire?
  • Cali: It's more like an excuse to provoke a war... Compared with this, the necklace Nidhogg took out seems more unusual.
  • Nikki: ...Nidhoggs' necklace? Cali, what are you talking about?
  • Mela: Oh? You also witnessed the light of blood around it?
  • Cali: I found it strange the moment Nidhogg took it out; the design was so unique that it's different from all of his previous works. And it shimmered when your friend fell down...
  • Cali: Later, Nidhogg took the necklace back. I'm not too sure if what I saw truly happened.
  • Ransa: Nidhogg's radical actions are just a disguise. His purpose is much bigger than this. Young lady, if you want to undo his evil plans, this necklace could be your best bet.
  • Momo: Let's make things clear! What do you know that we don't?
  • Sherry: ... Shut up, sit tight, all of you!
  • Mela: Sherry, can you make it less jerky when crossing rainclouds? We'll be landing outside Lor River City where the Pigeon Legion is stationed. You can get off then!
  • Cali: I'll be heading to Apple then! I just received the news that the Apple Federation Apparel Group has suddenly appointed a new president.
  • Cali: The old president has been absent from the Board of Directors for a week! I cannot be late for such important news!
  • Nikki: Shouldn't the heir to the Apple Federation Apparel Group be Kimi? Who is this new president?
  • Cali: Charles, a previous chief financial officer of the group.
  • Cali: Other things are still unclear, but the Amphithea Newspaper will keep following the news and make it a series report.
  • Bobo: ... CFO the usurper. I smell conspiracy!... Nikki, should we go to Apple after landing?
  • Nikki: Sure... But before that we need to go to Lor River City to report the situation of Cloud City.
  • Cali: Ok, I'll get a head start! Nikki, help me find a suit of the Apple Federation's Haute Couture . I must be well-prepared to conduct this interview.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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