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  • (Iron Rose Airship)
  • Momo: That person who took Lunar ... Who is it?
  • Bobo: Cloud City is under siege. Did the mysterious lad enter the city through the sewers as we did?
  • Mela: Before landing, I noticed him from afar. One man, alone, was charging the city's encirclement. Skilled in styling military uniforms, he used his own strength to break through.
  • Momo: Good at army uniforms! Is he also from the North Kingdom? Is it really okay to let him take Lunar away?
  • Bobo: Though North has a king, it is still scarred by years of civil war. Tyr's forces and the man were enemies; perhaps he's not with Nidhogg.
  • Sherry: ... Obviously.
  • Mela: What do you mean, Sherry?
  • Sherry: He is not our enemy.
  • Ransa: The arrogant League Tyr has already made enemies around the North. The North royalty has just proclaimed that League Tyr is 'bandit' and called for help to stop them.
  • Momo: Then why didn't the North attack the league from behind?
  • Cali: Wait to reap the profits from the conflict, of course! Momo is such an idiot!
  • Nikki: Cali! What are you doing here?
  • Cali: When you were still saying goodbye, I secretly boarded the airship. When there is news, there is Cali!
  • Ransa: Nikki, please compete with this reporter using passerby costume . Mela could really use some vision training.
  • Mela: You didn't see anything either! I think it's you that ought to get yourself a pair of glasses!


There is no concluding dialogue.


  • The dialogue, like the other stages in Chapter 16, was retranslated after it first came to the English server. The original translation wrote in Ransa's line that "The Northern Kingdom is requesting an alliance with the Seven Kingdoms to put them down."; however, this context was removed in the second translation.


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