Story: As forces withdraw from Cloud City, a mysterious silver-haired youth breaks through the Coalition's ranks, his arrival followed by a blue bird...

Dialogue Edit

  • (Uproar in the crowd)
  • League Soldier: Colonel Nidhogg, someone is breaking through now!
  • Ozeca: How? And who?
  • (A silver-haired young man breaks through the blockage, running towards them.)
  • Silver-haired Man: Lunar!!
  • (The silver-haired young man comes to the front of the crowd, staring at Lunar's dead body.)
  • Silver-haired Man: ...Am I still too late?...
  • Nikki: You're...
  • Silver-haired Man: I'm here for Lunar. I have an agreement with her. But...
  • (The silver-haired young man kneels down and stares at Lunar. He strokes her wet and messy hair and wipes off the blood on her face.)
  • (A wail suddenly sounds from the sky.)
  • Silver-haired Man: ...Blue. You are here...
  • (The Blue Bird wails, hovering around.)
  • Momo: Is this the Blue Bird?! Do you remember what Lunar said when we were in the Flower Field?
  • Nikki: Mountains, pavilions, and sounds of rain. The Blue Bird carries leaves into your dream... Is he the person Lunar wants to see?
  • Bobo: ...He seems so sad. What... what can we do to help him?
  • Cali: (Whispering) Maybe the legendary Yunikina... also said goodbye to her lover like this...
  • (The silver-haired young man holds Lunar's dead body.)
  • Silver-haired Man: Thank you for helping Lunar... I will take her back to the Moonlit City...
  • (The Blue Bird circles once in the sky above Lunar, flying towards the sky as the air is filled with the sound of its crying...)
  • Silver-haired Man: Lunar... The Night Begonia has blossomed. I will take you home...
  • Momo: Wait, Lunar...
  • (Nikki holds Momo and prevents Momo from disturbing them.)
  • (The silver-haired young man holds Lunar and disappears in the rain. It's so quiet and sad. On the wall, the cries of the Blue Bird lingers...)
  • Nikki: Death only brings sadness to families and friends. I think I know why people of Miraland would willingly suffer from the curse to maintain the peace...
  • Mela: Hey, little girl. Come with me.
  • Momo: You evil women! I won't go with you!
  • Mela: You fat cat, don't be stupid!
  • Ransa: Don't worry, little girl. Queen Elle has ordered Iron Rose to protect you. This time, we are allies.
  • Bobo: Cloud City has fallen. It is not safe here. Nikki, Momo, let's go with them.
  • (In the Iron Rose airship)
  • Mela: Little girl, stop looking. You don't have the power to fight Nidhogg. This time, you are just lucky because he's under the torture of backlash.
  • Mela: But most importantly, he seemed to be holding back. Although I don't know why he gave you mercy... Your styling skill is a bit worse than mine.
  • Nikki: ...But I couldn't save Lunar...
  • Ransa: You think Miraland is only an innocent dressup world? Actually, it's much crueler than you imagine. If you can't pick yourself up, you won't even be able protect yourself...

Trivia Edit

  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.

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