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Story: As forces withdraw from Cloud City, a mysterious silver-haired youth breaks through the Coalition's ranks, his arrival followed by a blue bird...


  • (Uproar in the crowd)
  • League Soldier: Colonel Nidhogg, someone is breaking through now!
  • Ozeca: How? And who?
  • (A silver-haired young man breaks through the blockage, running towards them.)
  • Silver-haired Man: Lunar!!
  • (The silver-haired young man comes to the front of the crowd, staring at Lunar's dead body.)
  • Silver-haired Man: ...Am I still too late?...
  • Nikki: You're...
  • Silver-haired Man: I'm here for Lunar. I have an agreement with her. But...
  • (The silver-haired young man kneels down and stares at Lunar. He strokes her wet and messy hair and wipes off the blood on her face.)
  • (A wail suddenly sounds from the sky.)
  • Silver-haired Man: ...Blue. You are here...
  • (The Blue Bird wails, hovering around.)
  • Momo: Is this the Blue Bird?! Do you remember what Lunar said when we were in the Flower Field?
  • Nikki: Mountains, pavilions, and sounds of rain. The Blue Bird carries leaves into your dream... Is he the person Lunar wants to see?
  • Bobo: ...He seems so sad. What... what can we do to help him?
  • Cali: (Whispering) Maybe the legendary Yunikina... also said goodbye to her lover like this...
  • (The silver-haired young man holds Lunar's dead body.)
  • Silver-haired Man: Thank you for helping Lunar... I will take her back to the Moonlit City...
  • (The Blue Bird circles once in the sky above Lunar, flying towards the sky as the air is filled with the sound of its crying...)
  • Silver-haired Man: Lunar... The Night Begonia has blossomed. I will take you home...
  • Momo: Wait, Lunar...
  • (Nikki holds Momo and prevents Momo from disturbing them.)
  • (The silver-haired young man holds Lunar and disappears in the rain. It's so quiet and sad. On the wall, the cries of the Blue Bird lingers...)
  • Nikki: Death only brings sadness to families and friends. I think I know why people of Miraland would willingly suffer from the curse to maintain the peace...
  • Mela: Hey, little girl. Come with me.
  • Momo: You evil women! I won't go with you!
  • Mela: You fat cat, don't be stupid!
  • Ransa: Don't worry, little girl. Queen Elle has ordered Iron Rose to protect you. This time, we are allies.
  • Bobo: Cloud City has fallen. It is not safe here. Nikki, Momo, let's go with them.
  • (In the Iron Rose airship)
  • Mela: Little girl, stop looking. You don't have the power to fight Nidhogg. This time, you are just lucky because he's under the torture of backlash.
  • Mela: But most importantly, he seemed to be holding back. Although I don't know why he gave you mercy... Your styling skill is a bit worse than mine.
  • Nikki: ...But I couldn't save Lunar...
  • Ransa: You think Miraland is only an innocent dressup world? Actually, it's much crueler than you imagine. If you can't pick yourself up, you won't even be able protect yourself...


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.


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