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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! Wiki

Story: Three Iron Rose stylists arrive in Cloud City as Nikki and Nidhogg engage in bitter combat. From miles away, Queen Elle also wishes to enter the fray...


  • (On the wall)
  • Mela: Little girl, you dare to challenge Nidhogg. You are quite brave!
  • Nikki: ...
  • Bobo: The Iron Rose Legion?!
  • Momo: You evil woman, don't try to take advantage of our situation!
  • Mela: Hey~ Don't be so ungrateful. We are here to help you.
  • (Sherry takes out a document stamped with the Pigeon Queen's wax seal)
  • Sherry: For six hundred years, the seven nations have lived peacefully. People who resort to force will be discarded by the world.
  • Sherry: The League Till's colonel Nidhogg broke the contract, disrupting the world's harmony. As the guardian of peace, the Pidgeon Kingdom formally declares war on the League Till today!
  • Nidhogg: I accept the challenge of the Pigeon Kingdom.
  • Ozeca: I think Elle has been in the southern greenhouse for too long. She has forgotten what the real world looks like!
  • Ozeca: Does she think the war is as simple as cooking afternoon tea in her rose garden? The League will let her know what's real moral and order by sheer power!
  • Ransa: Don't forget how you offended the queen today. Whatever you are planning, the queen won't allow it to happen!
  • Mela: Don't waste time talking... Nikki, we can help you resist Nidhogg's "Dark Verdict". Take the "Dawnblade" and compete with him once more!
    • Obtained: Dawnblade


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.