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Story: As the situation turns dire, an airship bearing a familiar crest appears in the sky. How will its arrival affect the conflict below?


  • (In the Iron Rose airship)
  • Mela: The woods and villages below have been burned down. Does League Till try to kill everyone?
  • Ransa: Ignorant. It's obviously done by the Cloud army themselves.
  • Mela: You are pretty smart. So smart that you had to crawl back from the Tuda Tribe, right?
  • Ransa: Still better than you, a reckless stupid troublemaker. Have you ever completed Queen Elle's task once?
  • Sherry: ... Shut up. You two!
  • Mela: It's about to rain. Sherry, could you please drive a bit faster?
  • Sherry: ...
  • Mela: I'm afraid Nikki can't hold on if we're late... I really don't know what the queen likes about her. The queen even ordered us to protect her.
  • Ransa: The queen must have her own reason and it's not your place to question her... Sherry, drive a bit faster. Otherwise, by the time we get there, Cloud City would have fallen already.
  • Sherry: Easy, speeding is dangerous.
  • (Outside Cloud City)
  • Mela: Till soldiers are everywhere. It seems the Cloud City is truly in danger... The view here is so nice and we won't get wet. It's the best place to watch and enjoy the battle. Ha ha~
  • Ransa: Please stop wasting time enjoying the battle and go find the pink hair.
  • Sherry: ...
  • Ransa: I found her... Sherry, at your three o'clock. Hurry up. Nikki is dueling with Nidhogg. It seems like she can't hold on for long.
  • Mela: Look! Someone is lying on the ground. Is it...?
  • Ransa: Has Nidhogg resorted to force?
  • Sherry: He dared to go against the fate.
  • Ransa: Looks like the queen is truly insightful. Since Nidhogg dared to start the war, he must have his own plan. But I didn't expect he was willing to take the suffering...
  • Sherry: Sit down. We're landing now.
  • Mela: ...Ah!... Oww... Can't you warn in advance?!


  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.
  • Mela refers to the Pota Tribe as the Tuda Tribe. This could either be a translation error or Mela could have confused the character Tuda with the entire tribe.