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  • Bobo: Cali, so your way in was walking in the sewer... I'm suddenly jealous of Momo's figure!
  • Momo: I'm not happy even you say so. I'm a cat and first it's rain on the way first, then such a nasty damp tube!
  • Nikki: Momo, be patient. We are almost there.
  • Cali: Only I know about this path, and I use it to sneak into the Cloud City to find content for my news stories every day.
  • Bobo: It's so tough to be a journalist!
  • Cali: Come on! Just turn a corner, and we will be able to get into the city!
  • (In the Cloud City)
  • Momo: Ahh! It's so good to breathe fresh air again!
  • Cali: That's the South gate of Cloud City.
  • Bobo: It's Lunar! That's Nidhogg!
  • Momo: Is it a duel?
  • Nikki: Let's go...
  • (Suddenly they hear a voice in front of them, and a female officer with red hair stops Nikki and her friends)
  • Female Officer: Who's there? How did you climb over the tower?!
  • Bobo: This dressing style... You a Till soldier?!
  • Cali: (Whispering) She is Major Ozeca of the Snow Eagle Legion in League Till.
  • Bobo: Snow Eagle Legion? Is it the Snow Eagle Revolutionary Force established by the legendary Yunikina?
  • Cali: Yes. The Snow Eagle Legion is the former Snow Eagle Revolutionary Force.
  • Bobo: Yunikina fought for freedom and peace, but now Ozeca is an invader. The Legion now doesn't deserve the title of "Snow Eagle"!
  • Nikki: Who is Yunikina?
  • Cali: Yunikina is a young and beautiful female general in North Kingdom. Her lover Eagle was killed for opposing the tyranny.
  • Cali: Yunikina followed the Eagle's will and set up the invincible Snow Eagle Revolutionary forces, overthrowing the cruel lord of White Stone City.
  • Cali: So she is known as the "Guardian of White Rock City", "Liberator of Permafrost", "Daughter of Snowfield", "Wind Mars"...
  • Nikki: Wow, so many titles!
  • Cali: She has a lot more! In particular, Yunikina's symbol is the "Icewind Warchant", a war robe designed by Eagle.
  • Cali: The silver cloak is a symbol of a sharp blade and the scarlet flag symbolizes blood. It was a message that wherever the Snow Eagle went, they would blow the horn of victory!
  • Cali: So exciting! How I wish I could have lived in that era and reported Yunikina's story!
  • Nikki: Can we see the legendary "Icewind Warchant" now?
  • Cali: It is said that after she died, it was buried with her under the frozen ice field of the North Kingdom. No one can see it now.
  • Nikki: Such a pity...
  • Momo: Enough story time! Forget the legendary generals. We have to help Lunar right now!
  • Ozeca: Losers like you should not be talking about Yunikina and Snow Eagle Legion! You want to fight with Colonel Nidhogg? Ah, beat me first!
  • Bobo: Nikki, try on a dashing army style outfit and compete with her!

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Love Nikki i

Love Nikki i.15-8 Concluding Scene

15-8 concluding scene.

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Lunar faces Nidhogg in the rainy Cloud City. Both wear solemn and determined expressions on their faces. Nidhogg lunges forwards with his sword outstretched.

  • Nikki: LUNA!

Nidhogg stabs Lunar through the chest, shown in a silhouette. Nidhogg looks down. Nikki holds Lunar's dying form.

  • Lunar: Nidhogg, you dare to defy the fate...!
  • Nidhogg: Hehe... Do all the Cloud people believe in the fate nonsense?
  • Nidhogg: But the reality is the strong create fate, the weak obey the fate, this is your "fate".
  • Lunar: I promised myself to be the greatest designer... to let war cease forever... Sorry... I failed...

The phoenix died under the phoenix tree
The stylist is a warrior today
Wield the sword for the cloud
Don't weep for me, my bluebird

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  • Nikki calls Lunar "Luna" in the animated cutscene.
  • After completing this stage, Lunar's Dream Weaver dialogue in the main navigation (not in the Dream Weaver story stages) is replaced with her saying "..."

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