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  • Bobo: Cali, so your way in was walking in the sewer... I'm suddenly jealous of Momo's figure!
  • Momo: I'm not happy even you say so. I'm a cat and first it's rain on the way first, then such a nasty damp tube!
  • Nikki: Momo, be patient. We are almost there.
  • Cali: Only I know about this path, and I use it to sneak into the Cloud City to find content for my news stories every day.
  • Bobo: It's so tough to be a journalist!
  • Cali: Come on! Just turn a corner, and we will be able to get into the city!
  • (In the Cloud City)
  • Momo: Ahh! It's so good to breathe fresh air again!
  • Cali: That's the South gate of Cloud City.
  • Bobo: It's Lunar! That's Nidhogg!
  • Momo: Is it a duel?
  • Nikki: Let's go...
  • (Suddenly they hear a voice in front of them, and a female officer with red hair stops Nikki and her friends)
  • Female Officer: Who's there? How did you climb over the tower?!
  • Bobo: This dressing style... You a Till soldier?!
  • Cali: (Whispering) She is Major Ozeca of the Snow Eagle Legion in League Till.
  • Bobo: Snow Eagle Legion? Is it the Snow Eagle Revolutionary Force established by the legendary Yunikina?
  • Cali: Yes. The Snow Eagle Legion is the former Snow Eagle Revolutionary Force.
  • Bobo: Yunikina fought for freedom and peace, but now Ozeca is an invader. The Legion now doesn't deserve the title of "Snow Eagle"!
  • Nikki: Who is Yunikina?
  • Cali: Yunikina is a young and beautiful female general in North Kingdom. Her lover Eagle was killed for opposing the tyranny.
  • Cali: Yunikina followed the Eagle's will and set up the invincible Snow Eagle Revolutionary forces, overthrowing the cruel lord of White Stone City.
  • Cali: So she is known as the "Guardian of White Rock City", "Liberator of Permafrost", "Daughter of Snowfield", "Wind Mars"...
  • Nikki: Wow, so many titles!
  • Cali: She has a lot more! In particular, Yunikina's symbol is the "Icewind Warchant", a war robe designed by Eagle.
  • Cali: The silver cloak is a symbol of a sharp blade and the scarlet flag symbolizes blood. It was a message that wherever the Snow Eagle went, they would blow the horn of victory!
  • Cali: So exciting! How I wish I could have lived in that era and reported Yunikina's story!
  • Nikki: Can we see the legendary "Icewind Warchant" now?
  • Cali: It is said that after she died, it was buried with her under the frozen ice field of the North Kingdom. No one can see it now.
  • Nikki: Such a pity...
  • Momo: Enough story time! Forget the legendary generals. We have to help Lunar right now!
  • Ozeca: Losers like you should not be talking about Yunikina and Snow Eagle Legion! You want to fight with Colonel Nidhogg? Ah, beat me first!
  • Bobo: Nikki, try on a dashing army style outfit and compete with her!




Lunar faces Nidhogg in the rainy Cloud City. Both wear solemn and determined expressions on their faces. Nidhogg lunges forwards with his sword outstretched.

  • Nikki: LUNAR!

Nidhogg stabs Lunar through the chest, shown in a silhouette. Nidhogg looks down. Nikki holds Lunar's dying form.

  • Lunar: Nidhogg, you... dare to defy the fate...!
  • Nidhogg: Hehe... Do all the Cloud people believe in the fate nonsense?
  • Nidhogg: But the reality is the strong create fate, the weak obey the fate, this is your "fate".
  • Lunar: I promised myself to be the greatest designer... to let war cease forever... Sorry... I failed...

The phoenix died under the phoenix tree
The stylist is a warrior today
Wield the sword for the cloud
Don't weep for me, my bluebird


  • Nikki originally called Lunar "Luna" in the animated cutscene. This has been fixed since the video was first recorded.
  • After completing this stage, Lunar's Dream Weaver dialogue in the main navigation (not in the Dream Weaver story stages) is replaced with her saying "..."