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  • Momo: Ahh! Damn rain!
  • Nikki: I should have brought an umbrella.
  • Bobo: Let's find a way to get inside the city!
  • Nikki: But... Cloud City has been completely surrounded by the League Till.
  • Momo: The North troops keep coming, and Cloud City is all alone. There is no way to breach the siege...
  • Bobo: Let's keep some distance. Don't get noticed by North soldiers.
  • Strange Girl: Ha, who is there? Why do you come to Cloud City in these troubled times?
  • Nikki: Excuse me, who are you?
  • Strange Girl: I'm Cali, a journalist from Amphithea News.
  • Momo: Recently, we seem to be bumping into something to do with Amphithea everywhere we go!
  • Nikki: Hello, Cali. I'm Nikki, and they are Bobo and Momo.
  • Cali: You guys want to enter Cloud City?
  • Nikki: Yes, our friend is trapped in the city. We must save her.
  • Cali: (Whispering) Sounds like breaking news...
  • Bobo: Cali, what're you saying?
  • Cali: *Cough* Never mind~ I can take you in. In exchange, let me join your team! Plus, you also need to let me interview you!
  • Nikki: Really? Of course!
  • Cali: Go put on journalist's clothes and follow me closely so the soldiers don't get suspicious.


There is no concluding dialogue.