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  • Nikki: The sky is so cloudy. Maybe it will rain soon...
  • Bobo: Look! There is smoke rising from the villages over there!
  • Momo: Did you guys not notice? The woods and villages along the way have all been burned down.
  • Momo: That's why General Huo doesn't worry at all. He has collected all the food nearby to strengthen the defense of Lor River City! Cloud City has been abandoned!
  • Bobo: They all gave up upon Lunar...
  • Nikki: Bobo, Momo, don't panic...
  • Momo: Nikki, come on! You look really scared as well!
  • Driver: Sorry, the road in front has been destroyed. I can only drop you off here.
  • Momo: It must be another way to slow the League Till. General Huo has gone too far!
  • Nikki: What should we do? We certainly can't walk there. It'll take too long.
  • Driver: There is a stable ahead. You can rent a few horses and go to Cloud City on the side road.
  • Bobo: OK then. Nikki, go put on clothes suitable for horse riding!


There is no concluding dialogue.