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  • Momo: There are only two tickets, but there are three of us!
  • Bobo: Momo, nobody will ask for a ticket from a cat. One of the four Rosset City tickets we bought was wasted, right?
  • Nikki: The train is leaving. Let's get on.
  • (At the gate of the train)
  • Field Officer: Mrs. Von Rhein, the train is about to leave - Nikki, why are you here?
  • Momo: Ah! Zhong Lizi! How could you be here, in military uniform?
  • Zhong Lizi: The train is moving. Let's get on first.
  • (On the train)
  • Zhong Lizi: ...I see. You are very lucky. The madam who offered you tickets is the wife of the president of Amphithea Group.
  • Momo: A noble woman? I should have asked for her autograph!
  • Bobo: The madam of Amphithea Group won't sign an autograph for a cat!
  • Nikki: By the way, why are you on the train?
  • Zhong Lizi: I joined the army when war broke out, and was soon promoted to the officer position because of my good designing skill.
  • Nikki: Things are changing so fast...
  • Zhong Lizi: Indeed, Nidhogg's betrayal, Queen Nanari's disappearance, Prince Royce's ascension to the throne, and the outbreak of war. Decades of peace has been shattered overnight.
  • Bobo: How about Bai Jinjin?
  • Zhong Lizi: Bai Jinjin's Family holds a key position in the royal court. She will be more helpful in Cloud Capital.
  • Bobo: Then Bai Jinjin and you will be separated for some time.
  • Zhong Lizi: Temporary separation is nothing compared to the national crisis. Bai Jinjin gave me a silk bag before I left, so she's actually around even when we are separated.
  • Momo: You can even show off your love without Bai Jinjin being here?!
  • Bobo: Nikki, you can't give in. Compete with him over the swordsman outfit of the Cloud Empire!


There is no concluding dialogue.