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  • Momo: How could Rosset Station be so crowded? As the modern transport hub with the highest passenger flow, shouldn't it be more orderly?
  • Ticket Tout: 2000 Starlight Coins per ticket, anywhere and everywhere! Don't push! Everyone will get their ticket. Right, tickets to Cloud Empire are also available.
  • Starlet: 2000 Starlight Coins?!
  • Momo: That's too expensive! I could eat so much grilled fish with the money.
  • Bobo: Momo, stop thinking about fish now! All the rail lines are shut down in Western Cloud Empire, so there are no trains at all.
  • Starlet: Ah... How can he lie to people!
  • Bobo: Starlet, it's a miracle that you lived so long safe and sound.
  • Nikki: We'd better find a way to Cloud City immediately. This place is full of refugees, and once the war starts it will get even worse...
  • Nikki: There's no news from Cloud City, and we know nothing about Lunar.
  • Bobo: Why don't we try the bus station?
  • Momo: Western Cloud Empire is a forested continent. Railway is the only transportation.
  • Nikki: ...What should we do? If only we could get on the military train...
  • Starlet: Maybe my master can help us...Nikki, How about you go on finding a way to get to Cloud City, and I head to Lilith to visit my master first?
  • Momo: I'm really not used to it when Starlet becomes reliable...
  • Nikki: OK, Starlet, be careful. Don't get lost again.
  • Bobo: Nikki, put on the sweetest Lilith dress, and say goodbye to Starlet.
  • Momo: ...Seriously?


There is no concluding dialogue.