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  • Bobo: Wow! First time I've seen so many people in a wasteland. The station is too crowded!
  • Nikki: Everyone seems to be talking about something about Cloud City.
  • Starlet: Here is the hub of Amphithea delivery in the Wasteland. Many people are here waiting for the latest news.
  • Momo: Stop looking around. We'd better hurry up and buy tickets. Lunar is waiting for us!
  • Ticket seller: Sorry, trains to Cloud City only stop at the Apple Federation's Rosset City. Rail lines in the Western Cloud Empire have been shut down.
  • Momo: Arrrgh! What should we do?! Can I put myself in a package and deliver it to Cloud City?
  • Bobo: What's the point of you being there? Compete with Nidhogg by challenging him to a best cloak contest?
  • Nikki: Momo, calm down. Maybe we can go to Rosset City first and then figure out how to get to Cloud City. Hopefully Cloud City hangs on...
  • Starlet: Er... Four tickets to Rosset City, please. Let's go. Get on the train.
  • Momo: Starlet, the platform is in this direction... You'd better follow us closely.
  • Bobo: Before getting on the train, let's put on clothes suitable for movement. I have a feeling that we may have a tough trip.


There is no concluding dialogue.