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  • Nikki: The sky is completely dark. The night in the wasteland is quiet, giving people a feeling of vastness.
  • Bobo: Look at the stars. It's so bright! Only in the wastelands can we see such a brilliant starry sky!
  • Starlet: It doesn't happen every day that we get to see the entire celestial sphere, I have to study it!
  • Starlet: It's said that a designer made entirely 28 suits out of the 28 celestial mansions. I wonder if we can get to see them?
  • Nikki: Really? She must be a great designer! I wish to see them too!
  • Momo: Then it will be meteor wish time. Meow~ Give me grilled fish!
  • Bobo: A nice wish. But where is the meteor?
  • Momo: If you're devout enough, your wishes can come true even without shooting stars!
  • Nikki: Well...I hope that Queen Nanari can be safe, Miraland can remain peaceful, and that my sister and father are safe and happy...
  • Momo: Nikki, you make too many wishes. Stars cannot fulfill that many wishes!
  • Bobo: After a whole day's walking, we'd better take a good rest. Let's change into comfortable pajamas and enjoy a good night's sleep!


There is no concluding dialogue.