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  • Nikki: That girl who's holding a book, is that Timi?
  • Timi: Nikki, Bobo, Momo! It's been a long time!
  • Momo: Every time, everyone just appears together like it was all planned in advance...
  • Bobo: It makes sense for Annabel to be here, but why did you come here too, Timi? Did your senior come here with you? We haven't met him yet!
  • Timi: I'm now on my graduation trip searching design inspiration. He's busy with something else so he didn't come...
  • Bobo: Really? Aww, it's the 14th chapter and he hasn't shown up yet!
  • Timi: Well...If he came with me, I would not be able to focus on finding design inspirations anyway.
  • Bobo: Hey! I'm still single here so show some sympathy, pretty please?
  • Momo: *Cough*
  • Nikki: So have you gotten something?
  • Timi: Though the Wasteland style is very different from mine, it did provide me with some inspiration. Let's have a contest and I will show you.
  • Bobo: The theme is: Apple Federation everyday style for an elegant graduation trip!


There is no concluding dialogue.