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  • Bobo: The dusk at the Wasteland is really beautiful; a kind of heroic beauty. If Annabel was here, she would definitely put this into her comics!
  • Annabel: Bobo, you know me so well!
  • Nikki: Huh, Annabel?! Didn't expect to see you here!
  • Annabel: I came here to collect materials. Aren't you supposed to be in the Lilith Styling Contest? Why are you in the Wasteland?
  • Nikki: It's a long story. We are looking for the Windvale Tribe for some reason. How is your manga story going?
  • Bobo: I'm curious too. The stylist and the designer should have gotten married by now, right?
  • Annabel: Not yet! But as they met each other in the Wasteland, they would make some progress! I'm thinking of a brand new plot:
  • Annabel: The designer who goes to the Wasteland for inspiration falls into trouble, trapped in a small remote Wasteland tribe. The stylist immediately goes after...
  • Momo: Is wild imagination an necessity for every manga artist?
  • Bobo: Well, it's a romantic as usual. But, it would be better if they can have their happy ending sooner rather than later.
  • Annabel: Nikki, come and try a vivid wasteland style! An energetic heroine can be great!


There is no concluding dialogue.