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  • Momo: Um, someone else is coming?
  • Nikki: Sorry, today's fortunetelling has ended. Come tomorrow if you want to ask something!
  • Tribe Member: Respected fortuneteller and travelers, I'm not here for my fortune. Ahem, I'm the chief of this tribe.
  • Starlet: Uh oh, the chief is here to collect the tax? I should pack up and leave quickly. Making some money is so hard...
  • Momo: Starlet, first, he doesn't look like a tax collector. And second, could you please get me out of your bag? I'm not your luggage...
  • Nikki: Greetings, chief! We are travelers who are heading for Windvale Forest. Is there anything we can do for you?
  • The Chief: I know you are going to Windvale Forest to search for the Windvale tribe. And I know you are after Miracle Scroll, right?
  • Nikki: How did you know that?
  • The Chief: Our archpriest knows everything.
  • Momo: What? Is your archpriest called Ransa by any chance?
  • The Chief: Ransa? Oh no, our tribe's archpriest is Imm the Wind Whisperer. She can hear the predictions of the wind and has been protecting our tribe.
  • Starlet: Master once said there were some archpriests in the Wasteland tribes who use ancient astrology secrets to protect their tribes.
  • Starlet: I believe how priest Imm hears the wasteland wind is also a certain kind of divination.
  • Momo: I see. I nearly thought we had just bumped into another Iron Rose villain. Meow!
  • The Chief: Our tribe is the guardian of Windvale Forest. Any reckless outsider who enters will get lost in the woods, and the key to the 'gate' is the hand of priest Imm.
  • The Chief: If you want to know the correct entrance and path, you have to win against archpriest Imm.
  • Nikki: Now I really want to meet this mysterious priest!
  • The Chief: According to priest Imm, there are two powerful stylist groups that are seeking the Windvale Forest. And you should be one of them.
  • Momo: We should have be the first one to enter the Windvale Forest! What the trial of archpriest!
  • The Chief: Lately, priest Imm has been studying magic, so take magician as the theme!
  • Starlet: The tribe's archpriest is really as mysterious and powerful as my master said!

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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