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  • Momo: Starlet, I'd like to test my styling potential too!
  • Bobo: Says the cat who doesn't even change his cloak a few times a year.
  • Bobo: Come on Nikki, get your fortune told as well!
  • Nikki: Sure, I'm also curious about my style.
  • Starlet: Come, close your eyes, clear your mind, stop thinking even...
  • Momo: (Whisper) Starlet looks like an awesome fortuneteller.
  • Bobo: (Whisper) She IS a fortuneteller.
  • Starlet: Ah, show me the card, let me see... cross star... phoenix... dove... squirrel... gun barrel... totem... electron... oh well...
  • Bobo: What is the result? Why did all of that sound so familiar?
  • Starlet: Well, if so... Nikki, you have the potential to be able to handle a variety of styles!
  • Starlet: According to the horoscope, Apple style takes a great portion. But I'm not sure. I need to discuss with my master to figure out the exact meaning.
  • Momo: I think Lady Kimi will be happy. Last time when Nikki joined the styling contest as a Lilithian, she didn't seem happy!
  • Nikki: Huh? Really?
  • Starlet: Speaking of the Apple Federation, I heard a news recently. The Amphithea Group established a news department and now everyone in Miraland is reading Amphithea News!
  • Starlet: I was planning to write for them, like the daily horoscope~
  • Momo: Amphithea, I know the name... wait. Isn't that the express who delivers gold and diamond for me?
  • Starlet: Yeah, the Amphithea Group is a delivery giant centered in Apple. I think they are using their delivery advantage to distribute news.
  • Starlet: After all, there is no transnational newspaper in Miraland. Perhaps they plan to establish one!
  • Nikki: I see. You talked about submitting. Did you succeed?
  • Starlet: I was planning to. But after I read the statement by news activist and chief editor of Amphithea, Mr. Beris, I gave up.
  • Starlet: Through the Amphithea network, we deliver professional, timely news to every part of the Miraland.
  • Starlet: What if I get muddled and make a mistake! The whole world will know it!
  • Momo: You are muddled all the time... And I guess divination is not suitable for a newspaper...
  • Bobo: We are getting off topic. Now that Nikki is apt to the Apple Federation style, how about we try out the lively and cute everyday girl style?

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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