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Opening: Edit

  • Bobo: Look, the one in the middle of the crowd is the seer!
  • Tribesman A: Seer! Please tell me when I can be rich?
  • Starlet: I... I only know things about styling!
  • Tribesman B: Seer! Is there any chance that I will be the next chief?
  • Starlet: Um...Uh...
  • Tribesman C: Seer! Does my secret crush love me?
  • Starlet: *Sob* Can you ask me about styling?
  • Momo: It's really the muddled goofy girl! I bet she must be in trouble again!
  • Nikki: Hey, Starlet!
  • Starlet: Ah! Nikki, Momo! Why are you here? What a surprise!
  • Nikki: We are on the way to Windvale Forest and happened to pass here. And, aren't you working as an intern wedding dress designer in Hela Vi. How come you are here?
  • Starlet: Um... Actually, my Master thought it's too confining for me to stay in Hela Vi, so I journeyed out to improve my skills.
  • Starlet: But... but I lost my wallet in the Wasteland... I went back for it and got lost... Finally, I stumbled into this small tribe. I had no choice but to earn some money by divination.
  • Nikki: Well, you haven't changed at all...
  • Momo: Next time when you are lost, I guess we have to go to the galaxy to find you... Is there a galaxy in Miraland...
  • Starlet: It's great to see you! I am saved!
  • Tribesman A: Fortuneteller, you haven't answered my questions. Will we continue or not?
  • Tribesman B: Yeah! Can you do it or not?
  • Tribesman C: I think you're just a scammer!
  • Starlet: What should I do... I went out only after I learned basic divination. Except for styling skill, I cannot tell other things!
  • Starlet: Nikki! Can you help me?
  • Nikki: I don't know about divination either, but we can help maintain the order. Let's get the people line up and divine one by one and styling only.
  • Starlet: That would be nice! Thank you, Nikki. And...may I ask something?
  • Momo: I got a bad feeling about this...
  • Starlet: Since we are here in Wasteland, Nikki, can you dress up as a small tiger? It would bring more customers!
  • Nikki: Starlet is not muddled at all when it comes to making money!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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