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  • Nikki: I didn't expect this little tribe to be so bustling! It seems like all the people have gathered in the square.
  • Bobo: Is there a party? Or are they holding a ceremony? We're lucky if they are!
  • Momo: Any proper ceremony should not lack grilled fish! Let's check it out!
  • Tribesman A: People say a Lilith diviner traveled to our tribe. And she's telling fortune on the square at low cost. Have you been there?
  • Tribesman B: Not yet. What's so good about fortunetelling? Can it compare to the abilities of our tribe's priestess?
  • Tribesman A: It's different. The divination of archpriest is obscure and hard to understand. But hers is simple and interesting! And she's cute like a doll!
  • Tribesman B: Really? I'll go take a look then! I have never seen a seer like that!
  • Bobo: A special seer? Sounds interesting. Could it be related to the Star Seer~
  • Momo: Divine, huh? Meaning there's no ceremony and no grilled fish... Boring.
  • Nikki: What a fortunetell could she be? Back in Hela Vi the holy honeymoon land, Momo and I met a friend who likes divination too.
  • Momo: But it is impossible for her to get here... Unless she accidentally went into a package and got mailed here.
  • Nikki: I wonder how Starlet is going...
  • Bobo: Nikki, go dress in an ethnic style outfit. Let's follow the tribesman and meet the seer!
  • Momo: Bobo, you look pumped up. Are you planning to ask the seer when your Mr. Right will appear?
  • Bobo: No...I am not! I just want to find out about my potential in styling!


There is no concluding dialogue.