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  • Nikki: How far do we still have to go to the Windvale Forest? It's all so desolate along the way...
  • Ace: It should be close. Just a little more to go!
  • Momo: *Pant*...Why there is no bus here? This cat is exhausted!
  • Bobo: Ha! Your short legs should be blamed!
  • Momo: I should have blacklisted Bobo!
  • Nikki: Stop it. Look, the entrance to Windvale Forest is straight ahead of us!
  • Momo: Meow! Finally! Huh? Is that the beautiful barbie doll that we saw at the Fantasy Styling Contest?!
  • Bobo: Momo is really good at remembering any beautiful girls...
  • Sherry: I finally found you, Ace.
  • Ace: Sherry?
  • Sherry: Ace, I've been waiting for you all the day. i hope you can give me several minutes so that we can have a private conversation.
  • Ace: I don't think there is anything we need to talk about.
  • Sherry: Oh, really? You know, your purple...
  • Ace: (Interrupts Sherry) Stop. I will go with you.
  • Nikki: Ace, are you sure?
  • Bobo: Ace, don't go! She is with the Iron Rose. It could be a trap!
  • Ace: Don't worry, just wait here. I'll be back soon.
  • Sherry: Before that, there is another important thing. Nikki, I lost to you last time, but I want to challenge you again. The theme will still be the elegant and mature style.


There is no concluding dialogue.