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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: Tuda, we'll part here. It's the first time for you to leave Wasteland. Take care of yourself!
  • Tuda: I will! You might come across Ransa and her men in the Windvale tribe. You have to be careful too!
  • Ace: Don't worry, we will watch out for them. I hope you will be ready to be a great chief next time we meet!
  • Bobo: Go! Tuda! I will miss you!
  • Momo: Don't mess yourself up like we met at the first time!
  • Tuda: I won't let you down! See ya!
  • (Nikki and her friends see Tuda off)
  • Nikki: I am still worried. It's dangerous for him to travel alone...
  • Momo: But we also have to worry about why Iron Rose is here in Wasteland. Is Queen Elle targeting Miracle Scroll too?
  • Ace: If we are after the same target, we probably will encounter stylists of Iron Rose again in the Windvale Tribe.
  • Nikki: We'd better hurry up then. The chief of Pota Tribe said it's not too far from here to Windvale Forest.
  • Bobo: Since we are going to the forest, we'd better put on some natural, fresh everyday clothes!
  • Momo: ...Bobo, you know we don't have much time right?

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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