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  • Tuda: Nikki, thank you for helping me save the tribe!
  • Nikki: Tuda, actually it's your wisdom and bravery that saved the tribe!
  • Tuda: I know my designing skills are not good enough yet, and I lack experience. Nikki, since you have come to the Pota tribe, could you please do something for us?
  • Nikki: What can I do for you? I will try my best to help you if it's within my ability.
  • Tuda: Our tribe's people are very curious about clothes from other nations, but for our own reasons, we have few chances to actually see any of them.
  • Tuda: Could you please help our people to design clothes with styles that they like?
  • Nikki: Of course! It's my honor to promote the dressing styles of other nations!
  • Tuda: This little girl always likes the pure and cute young girl style of the Apple Federation. Nikki, please help her realize her wish!
  • Nikki: No problem!


There is no concluding dialogue.