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  • Ransa: No! How is that possible?
  • Tuda: Ransa! Don't forget what you said! The whole Pota Tribe is watching!
  • Ransa: Humph! It's a mistake this time, but I will come back!
  • (Ransa left the antidote and disappeared...)
  • Tuda: Father! You've woken up!
  • The Chief: Tuda... You have really grown up...
  • Tuda: Father! I didn't handle Ransa just by myself. It's Nikki who helped me defeat Ransa!
  • Nikki: Chief! It's nothing much. Tuda, as a little kid, was so brave and wise confronting Ransa in the ritual. He's a real fighter!
  • The Chief: It's all my fault... If I didn't crave for Ransa's potion, this wouldn't... this wouldn't have happened...
  • Tuda: Father! Don't say that! What's important is that we are all safe now. During these days, Ransa seems to be searching something.
  • Tuda: There must be something deeper in this!
  • The Chief: Ah! Ransa once gave me a badge. Maybe it's a clue...
  • Ace: Is this... the Iron Rose's badge?
  • Momo: Yes! Same with that of Sherry and Mela!
  • Nikki: So Ransa is part of the Iron Rose? And she came to the Wasteland to look for designs?
  • Ace: Things are beginning to link up...
  • Nikki: We'd better go to the Windvale Tribe fast to find the Miracle Scroll!
  • Tuda: Are you leaving already? After experiencing these incidents, I feel like I have really grown up overnight.
  • Tuda: The world is so big. I have decided to travel around and improve my styling skills.
  • Tuda: First I want to go to the North Kingdom - the polar opposite of the Wasteland. Nikki, could you help me pick out an ethnic Nordic style outfit?


There is no concluding dialogue.