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Opening: Edit

  • Tuda: Wow! That's cute! I like it so much!
  • Momo: He's a kid after all! Be cute can never be wrong!
  • Bobo: Momo! Are you saying that I am a kid?!
  • Nikki: Stop right there! We're supposed to be thinking about how to help Tuda!
  • Ace: It's another Nidhogg incident. Is betrayal a trend now?
  • Bobo: I still don't believe our Prime Minister could betray us! There must be some reason!
  • Momo: I don't know if Nidhogg has betrayed or not, but obviously this Ransa is not a good person. We should help Tuda!
  • Tuda: Thank you very much! But we gotta hurry. The tribe ritual has already begun and everyone in the tribe will be there.
  • Tuda: It's the best opportunity to uncover her!
  • Nikki: Let's go!
  • (At the ritual site...)
  • Tuda: Ransa! You evil woman! Give me the antidote to cure my dad!
  • Ransa: My dear Tuda, what are you talking about? Where have you been? I'm worried about you!
  • Tuda: Save it! I knew everything already! I won't let you take the leadership of my tribe!
  • Ransa: Oh my! That's not a good boy, Tuda. Chief is ill now, what's wrong that a person of greatest power temporarily rules the tribe for him?
  • Tuda: So to say, if I defeat you, will you hand over the antidote and leadership?
  • Ransa: Hohoho! A good joke, I give you that! Defeat me? Everyone deserves a chance, even he's a little boy, right?
  • Tuda: You said it! Let's go for the mature and gorgeous priestess outfit - your preferred theme. But as a kid, i will pick one from the tribe to fight for me!
  • Ransa: Lots of conditions! Hehe~ No problem!
  • Tuda: Nikki, now I can only rely upon you! You have to win this!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

Currently this stage is called 13-8 部落祭典仪式, which translates to 13-8 Tribal Festival Ceremony.

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