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  • Nikki: Little boy, now can you tell us your name?
  • Wasteland Boy: ...
  • Momo: What's wrong with him?! He just ate all my fish and doesn't want to tell us anything!
  • Wasteland Boy: Who... are you?
  • Nikki: Ah~ Sorry! We forgot to introduce ourselves. I am Nikki and they are my friends Bobo, Ace and Momo.
  • Nikki: We are stylists and we are heading to the Windvale Tribe. We just happened to pass by the Pota Tribe.
  • Wasteland Boy: You... you are foreign stylists?
  • Bobo: Right! Nikki is an awesome stylist!
  • Wasteland Boy: Humph! Why should I believe that? Ransa is cunning! She can do anything! Prove it if you want me to believe you!
  • Momo: Huh? This tiny boy's got some nerve! Nikki, dress up in traditional Cloud apparel and let him see what you can do. Please focus on simple and cool style as it's so hot here!


There is no concluding dialogue.