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  • Ace: I didn't expect there would be such plain and friendly people in this faraway wasteland tribe. This trip is a worthwhile one!
  • Nikki: Yeah. Miraland is such a vast place for us to discover!
  • Bobo: I'm exhausted...I was dancing with those handsome Mr. Eight-Packs and they told me this tribe is called Pota, the first tribe you'll see if you come from east
  • Bobo: Pota... Is it possible it's related to some food like apple tart?
  • Momo: Good point! I'm starving already! Since they have a hunting lifestyle, there must be many different styles of barbecue here, right?
  • Nikki: Since everybody is hungry and the tent restaurant ahead of us looks great, let's enjoy some meat and take a break before heading to the Windvale Tribe!
  • Momo: Yay! Great! Remember to put on your stain-resistant apron!


There is no concluding dialogue.