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  • Nikki: It's just a small tribe at the border of the Republic of Wasteland, but it already feels so exotic!
  • Ace: Exactly! Look at these tents and wooden huts. I never saw them before.
  • Bobo: Wow! Look at the suntanned skin of the locals! So healthy and energetic!
  • Bobo: Maybe it's because they lead a hunting lifestyle. Those handsome guys over there all have eight-packs!
  • Momo: Bobo! Stop staring at them! Don't you remember that we should remain low-key? It's too hot here, let's find a place to rest.
  • Bobo: Sigh! For sure, this place is all warm!
  • Nikki: The weather is extremely hot and dry in the Wasteland. So the locals prefer cool style. It's full of primitive and natural charm.
  • Momo: So let's dress in cool clothing in case we are killed by the heat before we find the Miracle Scroll!


There is no concluding dialogue.