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Opening: Edit

  • Momo: Meow! We finally arrived. How long have we been on the train? A week, I guess?
  • Imperial Guard: This railway station is the traffic hub of the Apple Federation, the Pigeon Kingdom and the Republic of Wasteland.
  • Imperial Guard: Different exits lead to different nations. Don't take the wrong one.
  • Imperial Guard: We cannot follow you into the Republic of Wasteland, so this is where we part.
  • Nikki: Thank you for all the help on the journey!
  • Imperial Guard: It's our duty. Now we have to return to report to Prince Royce. Please take care.
  • Bobo: Don't worry! With Ace around, we'll be alright.
  • Ace: An experienced traveler as I am, Wasteland is a place I haven't visited. It's said that it's an exotic and secret place. We cannot be too careful.
  • Momo: Word goes that many ancient tribes still reside in the Republic of Wasteland. We have to be very careful in case that we offend them!
  • Bobo: Alright, alright. Such a beautiful girl like me won't hurt anybody anyway.
  • Nikki: Horrible! Let's put on Bohemian style clothes in case we are taken as bad people!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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