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  • Bobo: Yay! Only one more round to go! And I really want to go see the Lilith's Fairytale Concerto!
  • Ace: I heard one of the sets had a puppet theme...
  • Royce: Huh? How did you know that!
  • Ace: It's one of my friends. He knew an old designer who was very passionate about puppets all his life.
  • Ace: The best outfit he designed in his life was collected by the Lilith royal family Fairy Concerto after he died.
  • Momo: Passionate about puppets. Sounds like some horror movie... And shouldn't we be focusing on the casket?
  • Royce: Oh yeah! Nikki! We're depending on you!
  • Momo: Let me take a look of at Tips!
  • (A shadow appears)
  • Momo: The third one is a test of love -- Futuristic Ruin style themed on love! Sounds so difficult!


There is no concluding dialogue.