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  • Momo: Wow, this is the legendary Imperial Gallery. It's amazing!
  • Bobo: I so want to see the Fairytale Concerto outfit! It must be beautiful beyond imagination!
  • Nikki: Are you looking for this box?
  • Royce: Right, this is the casket my sister gave me when she was ill. She said the guardian spirit of Lilith lives within it.
  • Royce: If someone can pass the casket's three trials, she will gain the ability to use phantom to send messages with the spirit's help.
  • Nikki: Phantom? So that's how the Queen contacted me at the very beginning?!
  • Royce: I think so. But we are short of time. I hope Nikki can help us pass the casket's tests!
  • Nikki: What should I do now?
  • Momo: Step 1: open the casket!
  • (A shadow appears)
  • Bobo: Woah, the first test is a test of time -- fresh Cloud Empire style!


There is no concluding dialogue.