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  • Royce: This path leads to the Imperial Gallery where you can find the key to save all of us.
  • Nikki: You said that Nidhogg is a traitor. What do you mean?
  • Neva: He is no Lilithian, and when he has risen up and grabbed bigger power, he only gets more greedy...
  • Royce: Power can light up the fire of wildest ambitions. Even in his earlier days back in the frozen north, the seed of desire had already been planted.
  • Bobo: It's the Prime Minister who rebelled! Oh dear!
  • Ace: But since you already suspected him before, then why do you let all these happen? This is unreasonable.
  • Royce: To make the final affirmation, that's why I appointed him to take charge of the Contest. And I assigned the royal army outside the city to not make him suspicious.
  • Royce: It's a secret force only known to the Lilith royal family. All of them are not registered and they only take orders from the royal family.
  • Neva: But a royal member has to be there to command them. Now that all the paths have been blocked, we have no way out.
  • Nikki: So what should we do now? How do we help Royce sneak out here?
  • Ace: Prince Royce mentioned the Imperial Gallery just then. Maybe we can find a way there.
  • Bobo: Since that's the case, let's use skateboard and dash to get there!
  • Momo: Um, I feel something is not right...

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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