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  • Royce: My friends, you have finally come! I knew you would find a way to sneak in!
  • Nikki: Royce, do you know the whole place is taken by rebels? They have besieged the palace!
  • Royce: I know. I thought my sister might be in trouble, so I took Neva here. The next moment, the soldiers had us detained.
  • Bobo: So what happened to queen Nanari?!
  • Royce: When we got here, my sister was already gone. I'm not sure if the soldiers took her somewhere else.
  • Momo: So what do we do now?
  • Royce: I have asked Kimi and Joe to investigate Nidhogg. What we have to do now is to find a way to the Imperial Gallery.
  • Bobo: Yes! Prime Minister! Where is he now? Is he in danger?
  • Neva: Humph! Traitor.
  • Royce: Although you look cute, you have to dress up as a soft and lovable girl to surely make the guards outside think you're harmless.


There is no concluding dialogue.