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  • (All the hidden soldiers take out their weapons and surround the palace. The situation is in a great mess.)
  • Ace: Nikki, follow me! Try to sneak out through the side gate first.
  • Nikki: Yes! But what on earth is going on? Why there so many soldiers?
  • Ace: Obviously, a rebellion. Looking at their disciplined movements. It's clearly premeditated.
  • Nikki: How could we get out of here?
  • Ace: We disguise ourselves and leave the city. It's too dangerous to stay here.
  • Nikki: But Bobo and Momo are still here! I cannot leave them behind!
  • Ace: *Sigh*... Okay. Then let's get out here and see if we can find them in the garden. Now find a hooded cloak and go!


There is no concluding dialogue.