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  • Momo: Oh boy, I was planning to grab a Fairy Concert set, claim a title of court stylist, and all after Nikki won the champion!
  • Momo: Why do such horrible things happen all the time!
  • Bobo: Silence! Don't you see those poker faces in the first row have drawn the swords!!!
  • Kimi: You two go find some corner to hide. It's too dangerous here. I will go check what's happening with Joe.
  • Momo: What about Nikki? She and Ace seem to be trapped on the stage!
  • Kimi: Ace is one of the very best swordsmen. Nikki is definitely safe with her.
  • (Stage side)
  • Nikki: Why there are so many assassins disguising as the audience? What's going on? Where is Nidhogg?
  • Ace: I knew it's a big showdown, but not like this. Be careful, Nikki, the blades won't recognize who you are.
  • Panic Audience: Help! Help! I...I am so scared!
  • Nikki: Calm down! See, nobody is hurt yet.
  • Ace: For now. And the longer we stay here, it's harder to say. Nikki, hurry, change your clothes in something common and convenient!


There is no concluding dialogue.