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  • Bobo: You are the best, Nikki! Eh? What's going on with Royce?
  • Nidhogg: Your grace, we got an intruder in the outside garden of Queen's palace...
  • Royce: What? My sister is in danger? Neva, let's go. Nidhogg, I'm afraid I have to leave the matters here to you.
  • Nidhogg: No problem. I can handle this.
  • Kimi: Royce and Neva left in such hurry means some emergency has happened, but now that Nidhogg is still here, the contest should be secure.
  • Momo: Have you noticed the red china doll Sherry is staring at Ace all the time?
  • Bobo: Are you gonna keep adding adjectives like this...However, she does look quite astonished after seeing Ace. Strange...
  • Momo: I think she just said she was curious about Nikki. How could her interest change so fast?
  • Nidhogg: The second match is between Nikki and Ace over the theme An elf from fairy tales.
  • Kimi: Why is Sherry dragging Mela and leaving?


There is no concluding dialogue.