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  • Nidhogg: ...and thank you, Prince Royce. Now, I declare the finals of the Fantasy Styling Contest begin!
  • Momo: Ahhh I'm too excited to breathe!
  • Bobo: Stop grasping me. You're spreading your nervousness to me!
  • Nidhogg: In the first round, we will have the Miss Sherry from Pigeon and Miss Nikki from Lilith! Both of them...
  • (...)
  • Kimi: So Nikki is now a Lilith?
  • Bobo: Nikki said when she came to this world, she was brought to Lilith. So, Nikki is ours, haha!
  • Kimi: I see...
  • Joe: What a special nature and delicate appearance!
  • Momo: Delicate! Beautiful!
  • Bobo: Don't forget which side you're standing for!
  • (At the other side of the stage)
  • Nikki: Hi, Sherry. You look beautiful...
  • Sherry: So you're Nikki? How did you go from a nobody to a overnight sensation at Wintermount?
  • Nikki: You heard of me?
  • Sherry: I'm afraid yes. I have been curious about you for a while, but I rarely leave Pigeon. I will treasure this precious opportunity.
  • Nidhogg: The theme of the first match is: gorgeous and noble evening dress.
  • Kimi: Oh no, the outfit Sherry is wearing now is a work designed by Pigeon's master Farrell. Talking about the gorgeous property, it's second to none!


There is no concluding dialogue.