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  • Bobo: Oh my, I saw Mela on the stand just now!
  • Momo: She didn't qualify, right? But anyway she's up to no good for sure!
  • Kimi: Royce told me that Sherry's identity and profession were all unclear on the entry form, and she was found having been in contact with Mela at the contestant hotel.
  • Joe: So this china doll and that Iron Rose chili must have something under the table.
  • Bobo: How do you come up with those nicknames?
  • Nikki: So is Sherry possibly a member of Iron Rose?
  • Mela: What a small world! Why are you here? Shouldn't you be tending the matches? Or somehow you became smart enough to know you wouldn't win anyway.
  • Momo: You big chested woman! Watch your mouth!
  • Mela: I got no time for you, fat cat. Let's do some practice on mature and sexy style. It's for your own good!


There is no concluding dialogue.