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  • Nikki: Timi, Timi!
  • Timi: Nikki! Hi! I've heard that you progressed from the group stage. Congrats!
  • Nikki: Thanks! And what about you? What's your next plan?
  • Timi: I'm planning to write a book!
  • Momo: Wow, the bookish girl is about to write one herself!
  • Bobo: What kind of book?
  • Timi: I want to write down the story of my senior and me as the best witness of these years.
  • Bobo: So romantic! It's even more meaningful for you as you secretly love him for so long. You really should write those down no matter what's the result.
  • Timi: Yes, I will. Nikki, good luck for you too. I believe in you!
  • Nikki: Thanks! I will try my best!
  • Momo: So, as the routine goes: time for you to have a contest over the theme winter school uniform!


There is no concluding dialogue.